Monday, March 7, 2016

Book Review: The Play-Along Bible by Bob Hartman

I received a complimentary copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review:

I am in LOVE with this Bible book for children! We are about halfway through, but I could no longer wait to write the review. 

The author has simplified the stories for child understanding. He also provides in parenthesis some tips or prompts for the parents to liven up the story a bit, with either hand motions, noises, fun exclamations (HOORAY! is a favorite of my children's), and sometimes acting out a part. 

I have a one-year old and a four-year old, and even though the gap in age is a bit wide and my youngest is technically still is a baby, they both have fun and enjoy our devotionals at night. It's lively enough to keep my baby interested and engaging enough so my daughter is using almost all of her senses to learn the stories. They enjoy clapping along, roaring like a lion, or saying, "BOOM!" 

This would make a wonderful gift to parents with small children! 

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